You Are Marvelous

Shirt: Abercrombie, Bracelet: Anthropologie, Skirt: Target, Heels: Thrifted, Photos: Emily Being Creative

For the first time in my life, Pink Floyd’s Another Brick In The Wall made sense to me. I think it’s about not listening to what society tells you is necessary and forging your own path. Having your pudding without eating your peas. I’m not a Pink Floyd fan, and I also don’t like pudding, or this particular song. But I love the idea of challenging the concept of being just another brick in the wall. Each person is a unique and beautiful human being and we have the honor of knowing and learning from everyone we meet. How absolutely stunning each person is when you look at them not against a societal standard of beauty, but as a person with unique features and mannerisms, dreams and memories. How completely marvelous we are when we see one another for who we are.

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