Don’t Let the Red Lips Fool You

Hat: H&M, Shirt: Anthropologie, Pants: Urban Outfitters, Heels: Thrifted
I’m not Kinfolk and I’m not Vogue.
I have a Doctor Who screwdriver on my keys, am in love with the science of astrology and black holes and galaxies, watch MST3K on my nights off with a huge bowl of popcorn, have a picture of a galaxy blown up and hanging above our bed, would visit this museum in Stockholm and spend hours staring at the sculptures, prefer shots of tequila to a glass of wine any day, would rather read children’s books and novels (currently devouring The Unicorn Chronicles), and have been in the presence of a Dalek and a Cyberman and lost my shit. I wouldn’t change a thing. I love who I am.
Don’t slave to present yourself as something you’re not.
Be yourself, because you are fucking amazing.

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