A Most Perfect Day

Sweater, Shirt: Anthropologie, Pants: H&M, Shoes: Thrifted
This day was one for the books.
We saw some amazing people in the morning. Some we haven’t seen for a few months. There were hugs and lots of laughter and smiles. My favorite way to spend my time is with people who embrace you with a hug, even if they saw you a few hours ago eating fourteen inch slices of pizza in a karaoke bar.
We came home and decided to go on a bike ride. We explored the park down the street and were amazed at the diversity it held. We found a remote controlled airplane field and a velodrome. Like the kids we are, we ignored the “Closed For Repairs” sign and snuck onto the velodrome. During our one loop, Handsome was brave enough to go up a foot on one of the sides. It was so cool watching him.
After a few hours of biking trails in 60 degree weather, we went home and took Henry out to one of our favorite quiet forest trails. He of course found a muddy pond and held nothing back. If dogs could cannonball, I’m pretty sure he would’ve. We smoked a little and sat on a bench that faces one of our secrets I can’t tell you about because it’s amazing and it’s all ours.
We went home and had friends over for dinner, which means we ordered some amazing burgers to-go from Tipsy Cow and ate them on the coffee table. I was then schooled by someone who claimed to not playing Scrabble since she was “this tall.” And then we were hustled. We tumbled into bed afterwards and enjoyed our full tummies and freshly laundered linens and let out a huge sigh. It was such a fine day. A hall-of-famer.

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