Turning Heads, In My Head

Cardigan: Urban Outfitters, Blouse: Madewell, Skirt: AnthropologieHeels: Thrifted
I wore this specific outfit to a coffee date with an acquaintance to hopefully impress her. I love when you feel that you look fabulous and you walk in the room and feel like everybody looks at you and also think you look fabulous. If this does happen, it’s usually only in my head and on the way to where I’m going while I’m driving in the car. Or perhaps in my head when I’m putting together an outfit to wear to meet up with someone. I try to picture what outfit will turn heads. This outfit is most fabulous because it’s just so much fun to walk in. I love the feeling of the maxi cardigan over a skirt. It feels so fierce to walk in with heels. I will make a note of how I put this together. Most of my favorite outfits are very simple with a quick flash. I dress in mostly head to toe black and add a crazy skirt with llamas on them. I wore this skirt up pretty high as well for a bit more drama with the length difference between the cardigan and the skirt hems. And it felt a lot sexier.
I will also say, when I met up with my acquaintance, the first thing she said was, and I quote “oh my gosh, you look so good!” I’d like to believe she wasn’t just being charming.

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