Lace & Leather

Blouse: Abercrombie, Undershirt: Gilly Hicks, Pants: H&M, Shoes: Thrifted
I adore this outfit. I feel so sexy in it. There’s something so strong about rolling up my sleeves to Rose the Riveter length. This little gem was something I picked up during one of Abercrombie’s annual sales. It can be worked for winter and for summer, score! I decided to pair it with my Sandra D pants today for an edgier look. There’s a reason why she wore those sexy leather pants when she became sexy Sandy, leather makes you feel strong and hugs you in all the right ways.
The different textures really compliment each other well. What’s better than leather and lace? The texture of the leather makes you want to reach out and touch. Although I really hope no one does that today. It comes across as a tough material. While the sheer blouse adds this wispy and airy feel to the outfit. The contrast of the textures play on the contrast of the colors as well. Whenever I wear leather, I tend to tone everything else down a bit. It is such a statement in it self, I’d rather emphasize it than compete with it.
This outfit is just what I needed for a Monday. Here’s hoping you have a strong and sexy Monday!

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