An Elderly Flapper Magazine Editor (Hashtag Fabulous)

Hat: Thrifted, Cardigan, Tee, Pants: Urban Outfitters
There’s just something about wearing a bowler hat that makes me feel like a mix between a little old man and a rich flapper from the twenties. I don’t know how those are culturally relevant, if at all, but it’s what a bowler hat brings out of me! I’ve learned that nothing looks better with a bold hat than some bold lips. And this maxi cardigan, probably one of the best purchases I’ve ever made. Why throw on just any cardigan when you can throw on one that screams drama. Between the high heels, the red lips and the long cardigan, I feel like I’m off to a meeting for a fashion magazine in New York City. I’m sure such a meeting is more glamorous in my head..

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