Ahoy Sailor

Sweater: Gap, Pants: American Eagle
Blue and white look so. good. together. They compliment each other in the best ways possible. I have always been a sucker for a rich navy against a bright white. It must satisfy my never-ending longing for the sea. I have been feeling a small hunger for summertime lately. The crazy nice weather we had in January didn’t help it much. Channeling my inner sailor felt like the best way to quiet the voice for at least a few weeks.
Here’s my confession: it’s really hard for me to wear white pants. I love how much of a statement they are. I love that in a sea of denim, my legs stick out like a tourist in Seattle. And they make this sweater look a thousand times better than denim could.
But I am so paranoid that they are going to get dirty! I feel a damper on my confidence each time I wear them because I’m so worried about them.  But the appeal of almost doubling my outfits by switching to white pants instead of denim is hard to give up. So it brings me to this question of are they worth it?

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