It Doesn’t Disappoint

Sweater: Anthropologie, Jeans: Anthropologie, Shoes: American Eagle
My friend bought this sweater and when she put it on, I knew I had to buy it. I was doing really good too, not buying any clothes. We’ve all been there though when we see something and we know that our heart was kind of searching for it but we didn’t know it until now. It doesn’t disappoint. It’s so great for the weather right now too. While the other half of the states are under snow, we’ve been enjoying weather in the sixties. When the sun comes out, we hardly recognize it, so it’s been welcomed with open arms. This sweater has proven to be my trustworthy companion in weather that requires no coat. With my summer-itch, I’ve been wearing sweaters with less enthusiasm than when it was the beginning of September. This was one that I bought knowing that comes September this year, I’m going to be stoked to take it out of storage and strut around. And it’s oh, so, cozy.
I’m such a sucker for anything cable knit anyways. If my moneys were endless, I would have a dozen white cable knit sweaters that would take me a decade to collect. They would have to be the best of the best. Yes, sometimes I daydream about what my wardrobe would become if I was a Kardashian. I would have a dozen white tee shirts too. And some really good skinny ankle jeans. And a shitload of brown boots. But, alas!
I’m close to finishing up Scary Close by Donald Miller and I hope to finish it off today. It’s such a wonderful book, it’s been surprisingly transformative. I have been questioning who I am since reading it, in all the best ways. I feel that I’ve claimed something that was lost.
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