A Beautiful Catastrophe

Hat: H&M, Sweatshirt: Out of Print Clothing, Skirt: AnthropologieHeels: Thrifted
This outfit is one of my favorite to wear. It’s just so crazy and sometimes you’ve got to just embrace your crazy, amiright?! What’s better than classic literature, llamas, and leopards?! Nothing, that’s what. I’ve also got the whole Indiana Jones hat going on as well, which I’d like to point out is my only neutral. I know I often wear black, or just neutrals but when I go all out, I like to go all out. My favorite way to make a statement is with patterns in the same color. And I love leopard as a neutral. I suppose I just disregard patterns and focus on the colors.
It’s my first night of Yoga Teacher Training tonight and I am soup totes nervous. I know it’s going to be great, and I’m going to learn a lot. And that’s the point, right? We go to school to learn what we don’t know, not test what we already do. I don’t often try for things that I’m not really good at. I enjoy succeeding, I love the feeling of being really good at something. And there’s nothing really wrong with that, until it holds me back from trying new things. Or if I give up on something because I’m awful at it in the beginning. I can’t tell you how many jobs I’ve almost quit during training because I wasn’t getting it five seconds after I was taught how to do it. So here’s me, trying to have courage. I will probably be awful. I just hope it’s fun too. A beautiful catastrophe. Cheers to doing things that scare the shit out of you!

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