Shirt: Madewell, Watch, Pants: American Eagle, Shoes: Chuck Taylor
The weather in Seattle has been so amazing. I keep thinking about how I have to get my summer clothes out soon, and then I remember it’s only FEBRUARY. When you live in Seattle, you don’t dare flirt with the idea of summer until the beginning of June. And even then, summer doesn’t actually arrive until July 5th. It’s strange, but you could ask any local here and they will tell you that summer starts the day after the fourth of July. It’s like the fireworks scare it out of Seattle or something. Or perhaps it’s that so many people are wishing it was summer already that it finally reaches a peak of wishing and willing on the fourth, then boom. However seasons work, it’s being quite silly right now. This is my ode to summer outfit. All white baby! With a little firework of red lipstick, course.
Wearing all one color is my favorite, and probably easiest way of creating an outfit. I believe the fact that it looks so intentional makes you look so put together. If you’ve seen any of my previous outfits, you’ll see that I love neutrals. I have my closet organized by black, white, and then colors. The black and white make up two thirds of my closet fo’ sho’. I won’t apologize for feeling beautiful in an oversized white tee and black cigarette jeans. It’s probably my favorite outfit.
I used to fight this part of me. I would spend hours on Pinterest, saving outfits that I thought were perfect. And then I would make lists of all the clothes I would need to have a “complete” and “perfect” wardrobe to compile the outfits I’ve found. I spent a good six months shopping for certain items. This was when colored pants become really popular. I soon had red, pink, yellow, and mint in my closet because they were on my outfit list. I can count on one hand the amount of times I actually wore any of them. I would try on the exact outfit from the inspiration-pinterest-picture and feel completely naked. I didn’t realize it at first, but I was so uncomfortable with my legs being light yellow or mint green or baby pink. I eventually adopted the mantra while I was shopping to “only buy what I absolutely love.” And thru that, I found I started buying things that were completely me, and I was really excited to wear them. If I could, I would probably wear the white sheer oxford I am wearing every day. And I would still feel beautiful, because I would feel like me.
I’m not saying it’s bad to try new trends. If that’s you, then I beg you to do you. But I found that while I was trying to become something I admired, I wasn’t being true to who I actually was. I still love to search Pinterest for beautifully orchestrated outfits, but I’m able to appreciate them as their expression. I celebrate the beauty they created, and I understand it’s not my style. And by doing so, I celebrate me, and what makes me, me!
I don’t think you’ve met my puppy yet! This is Henry. He really enjoys chasing balls, laying on top of your feet, jumping over anything, and walking thru your legs. He’s also a comedian and hilarious.

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