My Mother’s Hairdresser

Hat: H&M, Tee: Free People, Poncho, Anthropologie, Pants: Anthropologie, Shoes: Thrifted

I’m not a huge believer in ponchos. But when I saw my manager wearing this, I was immediately convinced it had to be mine. Even when I saw it on the hanger at first, I was like, “that’s cool, it’s a poncho, see ya later poncho!” Not a poncho fan. What got me with this one was all the details. The back is gorgeously composed! It’s all crocheted and knit so intentionally. And I’ve always been such a sucker for fringe. My mother would take me with her to her hairdressers every month. She was this chic hairdresser with big Marilyn Monroe hair. Her studio was small, one chair in a converted shed outside her house. But guys, IT WAS GONE WITH THE WIND THEMED. To this day I’m grateful to her for exposing me to this drama and class at a young enough age to know that I had never seen anything like it. She had a blown up photograph of Rhett and Scarlett in an embrace in gold museum-esque frame. It was all gold and red and everything was embossed. My favorite thing about her place, besides the Mickey Mouse coloring books, were the lampshades. On each side of this row of embossed, red velvet theater chairs were fancy gold lamps with deep red lampshades. The lampshades had a fine trim of silk fringe that was about three inches long. I would spend a large amount of the time there running my fingers thru them, around and around. It was ecstasy.

And, this poncho, had some serious fringe.

So I made it mine, and I haven’t regretted it since. And have you seen those stripes down the shoulders? Totally worth it.

Today I’ll probably head to the park with Henry, maybe get a few yoga classes in for training, and catch up on some reading. We try to make a point of our days off to do exactly what we want, not what we have to do. And right now, cuddling up with a book is exactly what I want to do. But then, that’s pretty much every moment, every day.

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