What Am I To You

Hat: H&M, Shirt: Gap, Pants: Victoria’s Secret, Shoes: Thrifted
One of the best compliments I’ve ever gotten was my boo’s friend looking over my CD collection and saying “You are one of only two people I know that has a Norah Jones CD.” It was an awesome moment for me. I love Norah Jones. I’ve been feeling her a lot lately. It’s the perfect rhythm for my absolute confusion of starting something new, changing the course of your life, and conquering your fears and foundations. Ya know, typical Friday stuff.
I’ve recently started yoga teacher training. I decided that life was short. If there was one thing I wanted to do as a career, it was be a yoga teacher. But I’m not amazing at yoga and let’s face it, it sounds kind of scary. It wasn’t like I put it off, I just let it go. I decided I wasn’t amazing enough for it so it wasn’t for me. Then, someone I loved died and I understood life was short. I wanted to be a yoga teacher, so then, I’ll try. And so here I am in the middle of my training. It’s a lot with working and being in a relationship but it’s challenging me in a delicious kind of way, where I only want more.
Go and have a listen to What Am I To You by Norah Jones. With each sway to the beat, you’ll feel a bit firmer, even if your foundation is being challenged like mine.

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