Epic & Shiiiit

Sweater: Thrifted, Watch: American Eagle, Skirt: AnthropologieStripper Heels: Thrifted

My absolute, favorite, hands down, outfit. I found this shirt at a thrift store and fell. in. love. It’s two sizes too big and lays huge on me but I put it on and had to have it. It’s amazing with leather pants, even better with some skinny jeans, and perfect with a tulle skirt. I’ve seen some pair a baseball tee with a tulle skirt. However, I love the idea of Cinderella wearing a tongue in cheek cozy sweater to the ball instead. Also Cinderella will always be my favorite princess. She’s just the best. Perhaps that’s where I’ve gotten my love for the underdog. Whatever sport we are watching I find myself cheering for whoever is loosing. This doesn’t work very well because once the underdog starts winning, I feel bad for the other team and I start cheering for them instead. I don’t often get invited to football parties. Actually, that’s a lie. I get invited but only for my history of amazing appetizers, not for my sports knowledge.

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