Introducing: Because It’s Tuesday

Things are going to start looking a little different around here. When I started this blog I had plans but a few days before launch things fell apart. I wanted to keep moving forward but I found I lacked the motivation to continue something that I didn’t fully believe in. I asked the most creative people I know for advice and they all told me to find a photographer. I already had the perfect one in mind but she lives across the country. She is seriously so amazing and it ruined everything because her work is so great, no one comes close. I might be bias too, because she’s my sister. Here’s Emily’s blog and her insights and ramblings as a freshman college student:
Ok so back to ME! (Story of your life, right Emily?) I decided I would take some time and focus on a few things that were going on in my life. I decided I would take the time and give everything to my yoga teacher training. It was an extensive 8 week long training and I totally passed and found out I was a complete bad ass. It birthed in me some cool ideas and I’m starting my own practice now. FOGA should launch in June and I am completely ecstatic. It’s such a good feeling to have confidence in something that you create.
This little blog sacrificed the spotlight while I focused on giving everything and then recovering from giving everything for a good ten weeks. I found that I wanted to feel that same creative confidence here. Now I am only going to post what I am proud of, instead of committing to consistent content.
This brings me to a Tuesday introduction. Every Tuesday I will now be embarking on a tutorial for the thirsty with one of my favorite things: alcohol. With drinking, I prefer things that are yummy. I’m not much one for bourbon or whiskey or whatever. The only exception is a good tequila shot. Oh momma (I said that with my best Johnny Bravo impression). I had this idea that I could do a tutorial of cocktails each week because then I would have another excuse to drink. But really, I would love to explore more drinks and who doesn’t love a girl that could whip up an old fashioned with her eyes closed? Sexy. So I started browsing for recipes and then started having a panic attack with all of the different options and variations and oh my gosh what was I thinking?!
When something scares me or I find it slightly intimidating my mind’s super suave and is like, “Oh, that? Don’t worry your pretty head about that now. Just worry about that some other time! As in not now. Or tomorrow. Chocolate sounds good right now and isn’t at all complicated or intimidating. Let’s do that instead.” My mind is very persuasive. You want chocolate right now too, right?
Ok, so, now that I have some chocolate.. My mind tends to ignore things that seem like a lot of work and instead I find myself cleaning the toilet or doing ANYTHING ELSE. As I was procrastinating, I remembered an antique we bought a while back. We found the most amazing and useful antique I have to date: A Bar Guide. It has a list of 100 different drinks and little instructions for each of them. Not only is it classy, but the drinks are also timeless. No fancy cinnamon sugar rims with rainbow jimmies and a sprig of rosemary. Just classy and dirty. I like my drinks like I like my men.

This brings me again to a Tuesday introduction. Each Tuesday I will be showing a tutorial for a drink from our Bar Guide. This is perfect for those who want to know how to make classic cocktails, slowly build an amazing and essential liquor collection, or drink every Tuesday. This series is entitled, “Because It’s Tuesday.” I hope it will be as fun and adventurous for me as it is you. See you again sometime this week.

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