Freedom To Be Peculiar

IMG_8813IMG_8809 Shirt: Obey, Shorts: American Eagle, Photographer: Katelyn Page
Brooks and I planned our weekends out for the entire year. After a few weekends of having nothing planned and feeling incredibly bored and uninspired, we decided it was best to have something to look forward to. We got a little carried away by planning the entire year out, but I got to tell ya, I love it. I love knowing that every weekend has a little gem to look forward to! We have been really flexible with each weekend and have moved them around a lot.

Here we explored Fremont. I love Fremont. It’s an adorable downtown and has a small river running through it. Their motto is “Freedom to be Peculiar.” Perfect, right?! We had a few coffeeshops and stops planned but the majority of what we visited was spontaneous. We found the amazing underground Fremont Vintage Mall, and some really adorable storefronts. Essenza really blew my mind. They had a working fountain in the middle of their store! And they had some of the most adorable onesies and kid’s pillows. I’ve decided it will be the place I shop once we have some kids. We grabbed some coffee from Milstead & Co. They had the funniest collection of photography. If you’re in the area definitely worth checking out. Then we stumbled upon Jive Time Records store. We found a few records we like but they were a little pricey.

We stopped by The Whale Wins to see what all the hullabaloo was about. It was gorgeous aesthetically but waay too expensive. I can feel my suburban childhood kick in when we see the menu at a fancy restaurant. It’s like a different language and each dish is so crazy expensive! I instantly feel uncomfortable. We usually end up leaving because despite the quality dishes and ingredients, none of it sounds that tempting. Knowing we could usually make the dish at home for a quarter of the price usually helps with us ditching guilt-free.

We instead went to Uneeda Burger a few minutes away. This was more up our alley. We decided to get something unusual and the lamb burger did not disappoint. It had deep fried lemon wedges, arugula, and cilantro, smothered in some amazing sauce. Perfect way to end the day.

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