Thoughts on Thrifting



Challenge: Generation of Instant Gratification

One of the best things about having a sister is being able to steal her stuff. My sister and I pretty much have a different opinion on almost everything. However, we both appreciate something old, worn, and loved. Enter: this amazing antique camera bag.

I bought this bag for my sister. Like most things I buy for her, I went thru a time of torment. I found myself trying to persuade myself to keep it. However, this bag was picked especially for her and that was it’s saving grace. This girl is one talented photographer so I knew she would appreciate this bag more than I could due to its original purpose. There was even an old manual for a point and shoot shoved in one of the pockets.

I think it’s going to start becoming a thing for me, shopping second-hand. I will miss that exhilarating rush of shopping for new clothes at a pretty store. The one where $75 suddenly sounds like a steal and you are suddenly carrying more clothes to the dressing room and what did you come in here for again? It’s exhilarating. I am from the generation of instant gratification. However, the more I search for amazing clothes, the more I find myself in thrift stores and road side flea markets. When I wait, am patient, and don’t allow that drive to make my decisions, I find something better.

I find the most perfect birthday gift ever.

jean shirt at abercrombie (similar) (cheaper), black pants from anthropologie (similar) (cheaper),
camera bag was found at a flea market, but etsy has some here, here, here, and here, photographer is ayla loren

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