30 For 30 Challenge: Day One

30for30dayone.1 30for30dayone.2 30for30dayone.3 30for30dayone.4 30for30dayone.6 I had so much more time this morning to do my hair and makeup because I already had my outfit picked out before. I even had a quick thought last night when I got back from a Ben & Jerry’s run with Handsome (and I got the most amazing ice cream ever) when I saw myself in the mirror: “This looks cute. Maybe I should wear this tomorrow.” For the record, I was in some Nike shorts and one of Handsome’s sweatshirts. Once I said it, I remembered I already had an outfit ready for tomorrow from my 30 items! Having the question of “What should I wear tomorrow?” already answered was an instant stress relief. I like this outfit so much better. Add a hat and it goes from plain to POW! Oh, and I got in the car this morning and found two baby succulents waiting for me in the cup holders. You guys, I’m in love.

sweater at anthropologie (similar) (cheaper), trousers from victoria’s secret (similar) (cheaper), hat at h&m, but forever 21 has some amazing ones right now, photographer is brooks page, follow my blog with Bloglovin

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