30 For 30 Challenge: Day Two

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Day two and I am loving this challenge so far. It’s so easy to get ready in the mornings. It’s so cold out today, you guys. Thankfully I was able to wear this hat because of it. This hat seriously makes any outfit a thousand times better. We went to the dog park this morning to help Henry get his sillies out. Right at the entrance is a huge pile of dog poop! Like, you couldn’t miss it! We’ve all be caught without a bag a time or two but this pile was sitting right next to the bags. We took Henry on a road trip this past weekend and had a few people thanked us as we were picking up his number twos. We laughed about it later because it was such a weird gesture. It’s like thanking someone for showering, it’s just what you do.

jean shirt at abercrombie (similar) (cheaper), pants from anthropologie (similar) (cheaper), jacket at urban outfitters (cheaper), hat at spiritual gangster, photographer is brooks page

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