30 For 30 Challenge: Day 4

untitled-9 copy untitled-1 copy    untitled-4 copy untitled-5 copyuntitled-7 copy untitled-2 copy

It was a close one, but I was able to get a post up of today’s outfit. I tried on a few with this shirt and it didn’t really work until I put the blazer on. Thankfully it was breezy today, unlike tomorrow with it’s low eighties promises. I love mixing different textures and I’m slowly working on my colors.

A huge shoutout to my husband Brooks for being so supportive through all of this. Isn’t he killing it with the photography?! He’s showing such amazing talent and he’s been so patient with me. Thank you boo.

Everything I’m wearing is Anthropologie, so get a job there during the holiday and use the discount because we know we can’t afford it otherwise.

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