The World’s Most Perfect

untitled-2 copy untitled-3untitled-1 untitled-430 For 30 Challenge : Day 7

This blouse is Anthro, yes, but it was bought at full price before I worked there. I think that some of the clothes I bought this past holiday while I was working, I never would have bought if I didn’t have the discount. Now six months later you look at the clothes and you wonder why you bought them.

This blouse however, is a different story. This blouse is happiness. It’s the world’s most perfect peasant top. It’s the most perfect mixture of color and white. It can be worn as a “neutral” because it’s mostly white. These shorts were a bit of a stretch for me. I would prefer to wear a pair of white twill shorts or white lace shorts, but these were in my thirty and it was hot as balls outside. These shorts might hit the bucket with the striped skirt once this is over. However, they look great together and compliment each other well.

Today’s outfit was easier, but then again, today was easier. I taught my very first yoga class today! And it felt so good. It felt so, right. I was so nervous before, as if it was the first day of school. I kept looking at Brooks and saying “I’m so nervous!” and he would look at me and say, “Yes, but you’re smiling!” Once I stepped into the place, I wasn’t even thinking. It was like everything was second nature. And one of the students asked where I usually teach! Best compliment you can give a yoga teacher.

want : similar shorts : my shoes : similar shirt

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