Balance & Wonder

untitled-4 copyuntitled-1 untitled-2 untitled-3  untitled-530 for 30 Challenge: Day Nine

I’m digging yesterday’s. Are you guys getting tired of these heels yet? Good, me either. Want some tips for wearing heels? Tune in tomorrow!

There’s something to be said for this combination. It was intentional. One of the best lessons ever stumbled upon was if you have a large top on, wear skinny things on the bottom. This is a pretty simple concept. Certain clothing, although adorable may make people wonder if you’re a few months pregnant or have eaten one too many macaroons. At least, they aren’t accentuating anything, leaving the waist to the imagination. I adore this and I find it slightly seductive. Sure, you could pull a Miley Cyrus and let the world see what you’ve got. Or you could channel a somewhat french-esque intention and let them wonder.

However, this only works if you are showing them that you actually have quite a stunning body. This is accomplished through accentuating the opposite half. It’s all about balance. In this case: black skinny cigarette jeans to reveal the curves paired with peep toe pumps to lengthen the legs balances out an adorable blouse that could pass for a maternity top.

Yesterday I wore this to get an emissions test for renewing our tabs and the young worker actually asked me to join him in vegas for a few days. I laughed and I drove away. In hindsight, this probably crushed him, but I felt it was my only option and you panic.. But, I think this story proves this theory so, there’s that.

want : my pants : similar shirt : similar heels

3 thoughts on “Balance & Wonder

  1. Thank you very much Megan! You are so sweet to say so. Thanks for your kind words! You brightened my day!!

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