The Battle of the Llamas and the Stripes

IMG_0274 copyuntitled-1 untitled-3 untitled-4 untitled-5

30 For 30 Challenge: Day 8

So I hate stripes? And I want to throw away this shirt now? I fell in love with this skirt the second I saw it. It goes with everything, but everything is also grey and white and basic and neutral. This challenge was for getting uncomfortable because we all settle waaay too often. You find you say no to what challenges you, that makes you feel uncomfortable. For me, it’s colors, or I guess mixing colors with patterns.

Life is super crazy and fun right now. THe apartment is up on airbnb and there are already ten reservations. So now we’re reaching out to friends, trying to find someone who will want this little family for a few nights. We are trying to kill some debt and this might be our 80/20 option we were searching for! So far it’s made an eighth of our dues and it feels so good.

want : similiar shirt : the skirt : similar shoes

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