I Cheated

untitled-3 copy untitled-2 untitled-1untitled-430 For 30 Challenge: Day Ten

I totally cheated on you. There is a perfectly good explanation though. I killed it day nine, amiright?! The night before last, the apartment was listed on airbnb while we were out of town. Within a few hours most of June was booked, including yesterday (day ten). Thankfully we have amazing and generous friends who lent us a place: an abandoned cottage with a sewer problem. We are honestly having an amazing time. Sleeping on an air mattress again brings me back to when we first moved to Seattle and slept on one for six months.

We are trying to kill some of our credit card debt through “creative finances” (thanks Beth Grim for the awesome new terminology) and are trying to find a good 80/20. I don’t mind sacrificing if it means we can be credit card debt free. Plus it sounds super fun to bunk with friends and travel around. There are some amazing memories are to be had.

So back to yesterday and why you will forgive me for cheating on you. The night before (day nine) was spent deep cleaning the place and getting it ready for guests. It felt so amazing afterwards to have such a clean home! Afterwards we decided to go to Matador for happy hour and saw it was Top Shelf Tuesday (which means all of the tequilas on the top shelf ARE 50% OFF!) Good shots and good talks were enjoyed until the wee hours.

Enter: Day Ten. Wake up, get dressed into the first thing you can find, finish cleaning, pack up the car, drive to the cottage, and then unpack everything. With five minutes until it was time to leave for work I decided, fuck it, I’m going to wear this today, no regrets!!

I hope nobody was disappointed. The guests settled in last night and we settled in ourselves in the cottage. Henry loves the back yard and I’ve missed the simplicity of having nothing again. Maybe living out of a vanagon in California wouldn’t be so hard..

want : the shirt : the cardigan : the shorts : the aviators

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