Seven Tips For Wearing Heels

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30 For 30 Challenge : Day 11

Hooray, we’re all caught up. Phew! Close one. Today’s is fun. Brooks said it’s the most stylish one so far. He did give sone shirt-tucking advice, so maybe he was a bit bias. I, however, love this outfit too.

It was colder today so I could wear pants. On the East Coast, you live in shorts. I think I had a dozen pairs at one point. Since moving to the Pacific Northwest, pants have become a security blanket. It almost feels unnatural to wear shorts. I am grateful for a break. These pants only work with heels because it creates a straight, long line for the eyes to follow.

So, without further ado, here are a few tips for wearing heels for you:

  1. When shopping for heels, test drive them around the shoe section. This is great/dangerous at Target but it gives a good sense of how your feet fit with them. I’ve had to put a many good men down after this.
  2. Splurge for a shoe insert with gel. It’ll help absorb the shock and can help with any pain. It’s like walking on gummy bears all day.
  3. Bring statement flats with you. Your feet will end up hurting and there’s a 75% chance you will wish you had brought some.
  4. Take your heels off whenever possible. Walk to my car in your heels, get in, and immediately take them off and drive barefoot. Don’t wear them around the house or while you’rr waiting to leave until it’s time to go. Even in restaurants, you can slip them off under the table to give your feet a break.
  5. Also, sit whenever possible. Future you will thank you at the end of the day.
  6. Bring band aids with you. There’s nothing worst than having to power through a blister. It’s a sure way to never wear those heels again. Your subconscious mind won’t ever allow it.
  7.  When walking in heels, engage your core and straighten and extend your leg when taking a step. This removes any awkward and unnatural walking habits that then to develop when wearing heels for the first time in a long time.

Hope this helps and has cause a few of you to at least consider trying heels! Because when you do, you’ll feel fierce and unstoppable and empowered and soo sexy. (If you try it, post a picture on Instagram with the #darlingnovember !!)

See you tomorrow with Day 12, lovelies.

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