Deep Birthday Thoughts, jk

untitled-1 copy untitled-2 untitled-3 Day twelve was a very special day: MY BIRTHDAY!

I wanted to wear this shirt and these pants today so I thought I’d go crazy and wear them together. I loved the blues in each piece bringing out the blue in the other. It was cute and so comfy but I was told I was wearing pajamas. But it was my birthday so I do what I want.

I am so grateful for the friends I have, my family, and everyone I’ve met along the way to 25. The person who stands before you wouldn’t exist without you. We are all influencing others and have an impact on the people they become, even if we aren’t aware of it. Deep? Heavy? Yeah, it’s burdensome getting older and wiser. Now you have to carry that thought around all day. Let it empower you. But don’t let your head get too big. (Notice I said too. A little inflation can do the body good, help you stand taller. Dammit, there’s that wisdom again).

ANYWAYS. Thank you and you and you and you! Everybody gets a thanks! You’re welcome. Also, I love you.

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