In Which I Get the Feels

untitled-1 copy

untitled-2untitled-3untitled-4untitled-5untitled-6untitled-7untitled-8This is going to be a short one. Sometimes I tend to clutter my thoughts with words, feeling the need to explain, when it dilutes the point. It goes from white to grey and eventually no one knows what is going on. Case and point, touché, touché.

Simply put: I am forever grateful for friends that go out of their way to make you feel special. Friends that secretly call your husband to discover what your favorite meal and wine are. Friends that put money and time with abandonment into making you feel important, as though you matter. Friends that interrupt your questions about their life because they wanted to hear more about you. Friends that halfway through the night are already planning a weekend away. Friends that get drunk with you so you’re not the only one drunk. Friends that you want to be like when you grow up. Friends that make you cry on the way home because it’s been awhile since have felt this special.

I am forever grateful to have these friends.

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