Remember When We…

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I was reading in a magazine, “Empty Promises,” (ok that’s not actually the title, but I feel like it should be with all of their promises, urges, or facts where they claim “science” said something..) ANYWAYS.. I was reading in a magazine and they mentioned that when you reminisce with someone your relationship gets closer as you look back and and remember. They, with all their well-earned authority, suggested to ask your other “Remember when we…” once a week to feel closer as a couple. Although I feel like more than half of what fashion and health magazines have to say is bullshit, and they will prove it themselves a few years later where they claim the opposite is now true (according to science, of course), I actually believed this one. Anytime I think about all of our amazing times with this man, I feel closer to him. If we remember and laugh about those times together, afterwards I always want to kiss him.

My 30 For 30 Challenge: Day Fifteen is missing due to a busy day getting ready to fly out to North Carolina. Don’t worry, you didn’t miss much. I wore a sheer white oxford button-up with the green shorts and sandals and a patterned cardigan over top. It felt frumpy and the cardigan was to long for the shorts.

It’s cool though, because this guy, he knows how to do summer. I steal his clothes often.

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