Mountaintime & Motivation

untitled-1 copy untitled-2 untitled-3 untitled-4 untitled-5 untitled-6 untitled-730 For 30 Challenge, Day 18. Y’all knew this outfit was comin.

That’s right folks, we are officially in the mountains of North Carolina. It’s been a day of margaritas and mountain time, rocking chairs and resting on feather beds, cajun food and dentists. That’s right folks, dentists. One of my teeth have been hurting so we went to a local dentist when we arrived and turns out, wait for it, I have a cavity. Oh, and not just one cavity, but many. Many, many cavities! Six to be exact! You didn’t see that twist coming, did ya?

Well, bless your heart, jokes on you! I’m psyched to get this taking care of while we’re here because we’re pretty much paying a tenth of the Seattle price and the dentist is my now adopted grandfather, although he’s not aware of it yet, but I assume the feeling’s mutual and he’s adopted me as his grandfather and I won’t let him down! 

He is the sweetest old man I’ve ever met. I asked him if he felt cheated, living in a low-income area where your income is a tenth of what a city dweller’s income in the same field is but yet, you’re doing the exact same work. His sweet soul answered, “No. I love it here. I wouldn’t do it anywhere else. I don’t do it for the money.”  Do you hear that? That’s the sound of glass shattering.

I am now more motivated with finding something that will make me happy instead of something that will make me more money. What’s driving you?

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