I’ve Gone To Carolina In My Mind

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30 For 30 Challenge, Day 23

I’m running out of outfits ideas that I enjoy. I’m far from running out of outfit ideas, just ones that I actually want to wear. This was one of the latter. Had I added my black heels, I feel it would have lifted it up and gave it more shape, but I was planning on spending a few hours at the airport, and the airport is no place for heels.

When these shoes found me, we fell in love with each other. They were worn all the time with oversized white sweaters and big tee shirts with pockets. I firmly believed everyone should own purple velvet loafers. And now I don’t. They haven’t been worn in awhile. I blamed it on the season, but deep down I knew better. We had simply grown apart. I felt more myself in my old light brown leather loafers. I am not completely sure if I really fell in love with them in the first place, or if I was in love with how they made me feel. They made me feel unique and they would definitely be classified as cool by Kelly Horton. Often times I’ve used my friend Kelly Horton’s standard of cool for what was cool. If she would have loved them then I knew they would be amazing. And those purple velvet loafers were amazing. But they weren’t me, and in the end, that usually wins out.

Our trip to North Carolina was. It was interesting and fun and exhausting and filling and draining and whole and was. We spent time with family we haven’t seen for three years. We met new family and fell in love with them. We had good talks under starry nights full of thunderstorms, cigar smoke, and the smell of whiskey. It was, and it was good.

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