Life & Lemons & Liz Lemon

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30 For 30 Challenge: Day 25.

Sometimes, when life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. I’m calling bullshit you guys.

Yes you can make something good out of something bad. But should you every time? Brooks and I have been trying to kill some credit card debt and I have been racking my brain with what I can do to help. My friend just started as a Stella and Dot stylist and has been very successful with it. I pondered quite a bit about venturing into it and I decided to try it, hoping to put a dent into debt. Their jewelry is really cute and I appreciate how they are providing women the flexibility to work when and how they want.

Through this process, I’m finding sales just isn’t for me. It feels like sales requires you to be pushy with people. I’m too casual. I like things to be organic, to flow, to be pure and white and clean. It may seem easier to go into something such as Stella and Dot but it requires a lot of effort if you don’t naturally enjoy sales and business.

I talked a lot to my family about how I was feeling and they each gave me really good advice. In short, even if this could be a good avenue of revenue, you don’t have to pursue it. I often find an opportunity and feel compelled to follow it through. I find myself spread so thin, not being able to give myself completely to one thing at a time. Just because you could make lemonade from those lemons, doesn’t mean you should.

My business plan is to follow thru with Stella and Dot in an organic way. I’m not going to read the script they have for me or try to get x amount of bookings per show. I respect Stella and Dot but it’s more work to conform myself to their style of doing things than to explore and expand my own style of doing things in my own passions. Stay tuned for where this leads.

Debt sucks so much, amiright? Seriously. I hate the thought of working, not to make money, but to get out of debt. I hate that it makes my decisions for me. It’s a total ball and chain. Blerg.

On a happier note:

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