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30 For 30 Challenge, Day 27.

This shirt definitely has a lot to be thankful for because of this challenge. This one was on the list in the back of mind of ones I wanted to give away. It’s been one of the key players in this challenge, channeling some of my favorite looks this month: here, here, and here. It proved to be a shirt to throw on when I want to feel a bit more playful. I paired it with one of my new necklaces from Stella & Dot and the colors matched perfectly.

Can we please take a moment and talk about how Henry steals the show wherever he goes? Just look at him in these pictures! We stayed with some friends for the weekend while our place was airbnb’ed and Henry was so sad to come back home! My heart grows two sizes when my friends really love Henry and when they give him nicknames like turkey. That was pretty much Henry’s name for the weekend. I think he might’ve started responding to it. We are blessed to have such good friends that love our pup so much!

You guys, this challenge is almost over. Can you believe it? Aren’t you so tired of seeing pictures of me standing in different place in different clothes? I know I am!

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