Sky Blue & Black

untitled-1 copy30 For 30 Challenge: Day 26, where i mix black and blue and don’t hate it.

One of the faux pas is to never mix black and blue. Sometimes brown and black too. With my outfit options running low, this outfits seemed doable, despite the aforementioned faux pas. And I didn’t exactly hate it. It did work, with the black as the bread and the blue as the meat, it looked like a pretty good sandwich.

I’m getting to the point where I’m wearing outfits that I know for sure I won’t ever wear again. I’m mixing patterns and colors in ways that make me uncomfortable because they aren’t me. I did fall into a point where I was mixing and making outfits I absolutely loved that I never would have put together with out this challenge (see here and here).

But this one, nope. Blue belongs with white. That nautical is in my veins. And black belongs with black, nothing else. It’s been enlightening getting to know myself and my style better.

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