A Simple Serenade

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30 For 30 Challenge: Day 28

Hello outfit that ended up pulling this shirt out of the giveaway pile, nice day to be alive yes? I go back and forth with this shirt, chic or old lady? What do you think?

Here’s good ol’ day 28 for ya, folks. Although I’m glad the challenge is completely over now, I really loved the last few outfits. They were effortless and easy and still felt like me. This challenge has taught me so much about my own sense of style. I’ve invested in so many essential pieces over the years and having those pieces in the challenge showed me that I never wear them. Just because a piece is labeled as classic or essential doesn’t mean it will be a worthy investment. If it’s not you, if it doesn’t sing to you when you wear it, don’t give it a second thought. Simply let it serenade another and perhaps they will live a very happy life together, just the two of them.

There’s something a brewing and I’m getting really excited about it. Here’s a hint.

2 thoughts on “A Simple Serenade

  1. Thanks! I love the embroidery. I’m always a sucker for anything embroidered. And I don’t think YOU would look like a grandma if you wore floral! 😘

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