The End

The End

untitled-2 copyuntitled-1untitled-3 untitled-4 30 For 30 Challenge, Day 30 !!

want : this dress is from ruche, but is a few years old, but be warned, if you click their link, there’s a 90% chance you’ll end up buying something.

I did it you guys! I did it!! And you stuck it out with me! We all deserve gold medals because there were definitely parts where, whew, it got brutal. Here are my final thoughts on the 30 For 30 Challenge:

  • Accountability (you guys!) was the key to my successfully completing the challenge. If I didn’t have this blog as a form of accountability and tried to do it, I probably would’ve given up halfway thru with a very loud, “eff this.”
  • I am forever grateful to have my eyes opened to what I really wear. Many of my clothes that are deemed “necessary” by the fashion gods I have never worn because they make me feel uncomfortable. They aren’t my style. This caused my 30 For 30 to be closer to 24 For 30.
  • So many clothes are no longer in my closet. I seriously cut my closet in half. I would recommend this challenge to everyone (except my dear dear friend Claire who laughed at me when I started this because she literally has thirty clothes in her closet, yet she looks amazing every time I see her). This posed the question of, if I only had thirty clothes, what would they be? and are a lot of clothes really necessary to look great?
  • My style and taste are much clearer to me now. I can walk by a store and appreciate a really pretty dress, but I no longer long to own it because I know if it’s not me, it won’t ever leave the closet.
  • All of my clothes seem new to me after thirty days of the silent treatment. And it’s glorious! Completely glorious! It’s a free shopping spree, I tell you! I’ve never been happier to wear a white tee shirt with some cuffed dark denim. It’s pure bliss.
  • Having your hair well done is half the battle. My friend used to describe my hair as having a beach-goddess vibe. This meant I would shower, blow dry my bangs sometimes to avoid the inevitable and endearing elvis curl, throw some curling cream in my hair and call it good. Having less clothes to choose from to create my outfit in the morning led to having more time to do my hair and my makeup. At first, I went all out, basking in the extra time the challenge created for me. As the month went on, I realized how much of an effect having my hair intentionally done had on my overall look. As you can guess, the novelty of the extra time quickly worn off and I wasn’t doing my hair as much as I was the first week. I was, however, being very intentional with my hair to make it look how I wanted it to the rest of the month. This usually meant ten extra minutes with a curling iron creating more of a “look” and less of a “plop.” The result was remarkable. I felt prettier and more put together throughout the day.
  • The less makeup I have on, the better. This one was surprising. I started with many much makeup. Many much. As the month went on I found myself only throwing on mascara and foundation and calling it good. And it was. I look back through the month and can’t find a huge difference, but I am drawn to the more natural looks. My hair channels it’s inner beach goddess with some finishing touches from mr. curling iron and my make up has a barely there punch to it that makes the outfit look a bit more natural too. Weird.
  • I have really really great, really forgiving friends. Seriously. Another surprising one to me too. That my friends would read my blog? I’ve always been such a great listener. I don’t often share my thoughts and views. I prefer to listen and learn from others and hear their hearts. Getting to know a friend a little better after a coffee date is my idea of a really great hang out sess. Some of my friends would talk about my blog to me or comment on it and I would have this weird moment of confusion and disbelief because I honestly didn’t think anyone is reading this. Fart muffin toothpaste sugar mamma the moon landing is fake. Thanks friends, I think you’re really great and I really kind of like you.

Here were my favorite posts from the month-long challenge

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