Your Guide to The North Cascades Highway

Your Guide to The North Cascades Highway

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DAY 1: 1ST STOP: Drive up 5N towards Mt. Vernon and catch Highway 20. Choose from one of the quick hikes at Rock Port State Park. We had an absolute blast hiking with Henry here. 2ND STOP: Stock up on fresh fruit for the road trip at the Cascadian Farm in Concrete. 3RD STOP: You will have been driving awhile, so park your car and enjoy the incredibly easy walk up to Gorge Creek Falls. We’ve seen these before and they are so fun to take in each time. One of the best photo ops involving a waterfall. 4TH STOP: As you continue on your way, you’ll find many picturesque pull offs. We stopped at Diablo Dam and took in the amazing teal waters. From this point on, prepare to have your breath taken away by nature’s beauty. 5TH STOP: Ross Lake Overlook. 6TH STOP: Washington Pass Overlook. Oh, yes, the reason why you came here. Do yourself a favor and do not look at any pictures before you go. Prepare to spend 45 minutes here, just taking in the beauty. 7TH STOP: We stayed the night in Winthrop at Pine Near RV Park in a small cabin we found on airbnb. It was the first time we let Henry sleep in the bed with us and it was one of the worst ideas we ever had. I didn’t sleep a wink, that dog is so big. While in Winthrop, we ate at Twisp River Pub on their riverside deck with a table on the river, and we enjoyed some old fashioned in-house-made ice cream at Sheri’s Sweet Shoppe. We explored the old west town and enjoyed being tourists for the night.

DAY 2: 1ST STOP: We left Winthrop early and headed out for Lake Chelan. We didn’t have any data on our phonesbecause it was coming up on the end of the month so we old-schooled our whole trip and used my hand drawn map I made two nights before. Somehow, we missed the road to Lake Chelan and drove straight to our 2nd stop. Don’t make this mistake. Lake Chelan would have been so much fun with Henry! 2ND STOP: Ohme Gardens, a must. It was fun exploring the gardens with Brooks (no pets allowed) and getting lost together. 3RD STOP: We ate lunch and stretched our legs at Leavenworth. You can’t go wrong at their outdoor sausage garden, and it’s a good time to pick up a bottle of wine from one of the many vineyards set up shop in the downtown. 4TH STOP: We got stuck in traffic heading back after the long weekend so our last few stops didn’t make the cut. By the time we got home, we were glad for the getaway, but even more grateful for our beds.

Other notables we decided to skip this time: Thunder Knob Trail, Wallace Falls, Beckler Peak Trail, Rainy Pass Trailhead. Can you think of anything I missed for our trip next time?

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