The Uniform

IMG_2796 copy IMG_2804 IMG_2807 IMG_2822Hello my friends. Long story short, my computer got stolen so I’ve been gone. And now I’m back. Just in time for some amazing new things.

I wanted to touch base on my uniform. You know, the outfit you would wear if you were a cartoon character. The clothes you wear when you have no one important to be that day. When you wake up and want to feel like yourself, yet it’s not even a thought or a choice, it’s just what you always go for. This is mine as of late: dark jeans and a white tee. More specifically, some delicious Paige skinny denim and an Urban Outfitters white v-neck boyfriend tee. 

If you know me, you know I love white. It’s my favorite color. It’s clean and deep and peaceful all at once. When I thrift, I only shop the white sections. I feel classic in a white top. I found this top via Sydney Poulton from The Daybook Blog. I immediately bought it. The jeans are just a treasure I’ve found thrifting. I love the deep color and its contrast against a white top. They fit me perfectly around the waist, an accomplishment in itself when you consider the many pants that stretch after halfway thru the day.

I know I don’t have a lot of clothes. I also don’t have a lot of money to spend on trendy clothes or a desire to do so. I don’t know how long this blog is going to last. My latest experiment was really fun and changed the way I wear clothes. I originally wanted this blog to be a friendly kind of soapbox. As I continue blogging, I hope this will transform to just that.

In the next few months, each Thursday, a friend will be sharing their perspective on beauty. I hope to challenge society’s standards and definitions of beauty. The ones we obviously see and the ones that have subtly snuck their way into our hearts. I thoroughly enjoy hearing different perspectives on the same topic because we all think so differently. Listening to each other is an amazing way to see things in a way that wouldn’t have been possible otherwise. This Thursday will mark the first of many to come, and there is no one else I would rather have kick us off than my best friend. 

I will continue to do a weekly outfit post, just for kicks and giggles. Even with my limited wardrobe, Autumn is my favorite season so I am very excited to get dressed every day and to share some of those days with you.

Perhaps because of my limited wardrobe and my drive to save my monies instead of spend them on more clothes, I can inspire someone to creatively put together an outfit from what they have in their closet, and which they can wear and feel beautiful in.

This outfit, this uniform, without fail, always makes me feel confident and beautiful. I would love to hear what your uniform is! What do you throw on when you’re feeling like you? What do you wear when you want to feel confident? What would your outfit be if you were a cartoon character?

Oh, and it’s nice to be back.


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