The Most Beautiful Thing : Emily Being Creative

The Most Beautiful Thing, by Emily Being Creative

Hello lovely readers! This is Emily from Emily Being Creative. I’m honored to kick start Merry Weather’s beauty series. Everyone’s definition of beauty is subjective. If you would have asked me what the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen was a few months ago my answer may have been a person with a proportional face and beautiful eyes, or a far away enchanted place that I’ve visited a few years ago. I think I see beauty now as a verb. I see beauty in those moments that really push you back and force you to look and see it raw. Those smack-you-in-the-face moments. The noun, person, place or thing is beautiful in a moment when I am taken back to look at my surroundings and every aspect that makes up that moment. That is my favorite kind of beauty.

I prefer this beauty. The experience, spontaneity, and joy that coincides with the an unexpected pause and different point of view. I think the best part is that what makes up these moments are not only the best times ever. It’s good and bad, chaos and serenity, happiness and anger. The most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen would have to be watching thousands of Ugandans dance in the rain.

A year ago, when I was in Kitgum, Uganda I was apart of a memorial festival for an amazing woman who had really changed that area for the better. Most of her good works took place during the Northern-Ugandan War (Does KONY 2012 ring a bell?). While I was visiting, Kitgum was experiencing a drought. All of the sudden it had started pouring down rain Africa-style. I foolishly, with my American mindset, ran to the bus to stay dry. By the time I got there, I was already wet. One glance out the window and I had to decide if I was going to stay in the bus or go out in the rain. I decided to go! When life gives you an African rain storm you just have to dance with all of your friends! It was so beautiful. Every second of rain-dance chaos, hygiene worry, laughter, and the same look on every persons face: joy. Their prayers had been answered and my heart was happy. That was the most encapsulating moment and the most beautiful thing I had ever seen.

Emily Gouker
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