The Most Beautiful Thing : Merry Weather

The Most Beautiful Thing : Merry Weather

Reading the hearts of the last two ladies has been overwhelming. I am so honored to have such two amazing and authentic souls grace my little virtual real estate. I began this venture to start our thinking. I wanted to start thinking about the definition of beautiful. If what we see as the most beautiful thing changes or contradicts the definition of beautiful personally. We see certain people as beautiful. We see certain things as beautiful. Yet when we think of the most beautiful thing we have ever laid eyes on, it’s such a different kind of beauty. In the next coming months some pretty amazing women are going to be sharing their thoughts and perspectives and I’m completely over the moon excited about it!

But for now, deep breath, it’s my turn.

The most beautiful thing I have ever seen. This question poses some difficultly for me due to the fact that I have an unbelievably awful memory. However, when I ponder this question, I find one story comes to mind. One of my best friends was in town visiting and I wanted to show her the most spectacular time. I wanted to give her a vacation she would always remember, show her everything that the great Pacific Northwest has to offer. B and I have been hearing a lot of hullabaloo about a hike an hour away named Rattlesnake Ridge. The Sunday she was visiting, I decided it would be the perfect opportunity to experience something new and amazing together so we set out for Rattlesnake Ridge.


Friends told you it was an easy hike so you set off in what you were wearing that morning, thinking nothing of it. Often, you forget that your friends are much more versed and enthusiastic about the outdoors than you are. About a third of the way into the hike, you remember that fact. You’re sweating bullets, the sandals and flip flops you all wore are not showing you any mercy, and you didn’t pack any water. Oh, you also brought your new puppy with you because you thought it’d be fun. Oh contraire! You’re slowly hiking your way up the mountain and find that Henry needs to be carried because it’s brutal on his little puppy body and he is slowing you down with his adorable face. Every few seconds someone stops and fusses over him.

At last, you have a fourth of the way left and you’re ready to give up. You feel it in your bones how badly you want to stop. You press on. You see the trees begin to part and open up to a clearing. You carefully walk towards the edge of the mountain. You stop and stare. You’re breathless.


You can’t find any words. The small breeze gently kisses your face. You try to catch your breath, slowly taking in every corner in front of you. The grandness and beauty is overwhelming. You feel it, this uncontrollable panic. You take a deep breath and your eyes swell with tears. There has been nothing more beautiful to you than this moment.


As I stood there. I remember feeling so small and so content in how small I felt. That no matter what I created it could never compare with what He has created. I felt the grandeur of his majestic power and it struck me heavy in my chest. This wide, open world with rivers and trees and mountains was the most beautiful things I had ever seen.

Now a thought is that if I had shuttled to the top of this mountain, would it’s beauty still be some breathtakingly immense? Was it not the struggle that had led to the beauty? Would it be possible to even appreciate beauty if I had not endured adversity?

My most beautiful moment not only followed physical and internal conflict but was in fact the consequence of such a trial. Perhaps only what is broken can ever truly be what is beautiful.  

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