My Winter Weather Essentials



Statement Coat. It’s winter weather. When you go outside, the only thing any one is going to see is your coat. With this in mind, my favorite winter essential is an “oh my goodness” coat of statements. I love anything wool, and I have one wool coat I’ve been trying to squeeze every wear out of before the rain comes. It’s nothing like this and probably was a tenth of the price because it’s thrifted, but it’s still amazing. For me, a wool coat says “CHRISTMAS!” in a Buddy the Elf kind of voice. No matter what coat I’m wearing, wool or not wool, I just feel prettier and put together with a statement coat. I love her hat and what she’s done with the colors. The outfit follows the coat’s colors with the pants being the peak piece. I wish I wore glasses. I’ve always wished my eyesight was awful so I could have some. They look so sophiesticated and mysterious and seductive. Like Clark Kent, ya know? Also, I know that’s not how you spell ‘sophisticated’ but I kind of liked my spelling better. It’s more fun to say it the way I spelled it than ‘sophisticated.’ Yeah, I’m going to leave it. 

Top Heavy. With winter I find I’m top heavy in two seconds. And I’m not talking about Christmas cookies. I like my sweaters like I like my men: chunky. Okay, I don’t really prefer my men chunky. But I find with my chunky sweaters, if I add anything I have a great balance of a lot on top and some denim on the bottom. What I love with this is that they took it to another level with a skirt. It creates an even more dramatic balance between your two halves. Winter looks come across as more put together when they have the balance of being heavy on the top. See the next picture for a better example. Don’t you just want to know someone who knits so you can take advantage of their talent and have them knit you a sweater exactly like the one above because you know that it had to cost hundreds of dollars and you could never afford that? Or at least never feel at peace about spending hundreds of dollars on one piece of clothing? I could buy half a wardrobe at the thrift store for a few hundred dollars. What I’m trying to say is, does anyone knit?


Blanket Scarves & Playful Hats. Husband is embarrassed to be seen with me when I wear some of my hats in public. I have quite a few that have quite the personalities. I feel like life is too short and you should have fun. That’s why I love wearing playful hats. I have a hat that is a reindeer head and has antlers sticking out the top. And yes, I wore it November 1st. Hats really can completely change an outfit. Try to picture the above outfit without her hat. Crazy right? Strategically, her hat and her bottom half are the cookie parts of the oreo, and her coat is the cream. I’m sure she tried this, with that metaphor in mind. The hat balances everything and creates this ensemble into an outfit worth repinning.

Scarves for many of us, are like kryptonite. A few months ago, I went thru my dozens of scarves and donated those that I never wore. It was really difficult because I really loved them. It was like a collection of beautiful mini blankets. They were all so pretty. So why didn’t I wear over half of them? They weren’t cozy. Seattle’s winters chill you to your bones. The air is crisp and cuts right thru you. (I know, I know, where you live is probably fifty degrees colder than here. I lived in Ohio, I know that it’s nothing compared to their biweekly blizzards. But still, my body’s adjusted and it’s done cold son). When I go out, I have never grabbed one of my scarves because they were pretty. I was always grabbing one of my big, thick blanket scarves because they kept me warm. Every time I wore one, I was getting compliments. They look cute and they are cozy. And they double as actual blankets when you’re squeezed into the middle seat of an airplane and your seat mates have stolen both armrests. You have to find comfort wherever you can, man.

one color

Head to Toe in One Color. Winter is all about layers. Layers upon layers. You start with a sweater and you add a scarf and a hat and a wool coat and suddenly you look european. I find that with all of these different pieces, I get a bit of sensory overload with it comes to their different colors and patterns. Instead I play with the textures while matching the colors. Above you’ve got the grey denim with the grey knit and a grey gauzy scarf. The different textures have added depth to an outfit with one color. “But you don’t have to take my word for it.” (Channeling my inner LeVar Burton).


Black Turtlenecks. Black turtlenecks have been around forever. Do you know how I know? I’ve seen pictures of my mom decades ago wearing a black turtleneck and looking like a boss. As I am getting older, I’m appreciating my mother’s style more and more. I was convinced as a teenager that my life’s purpose was to help her with fashion. And then I grew up and have found myself straying from the trends while finding comfort and a confirmation of identity in what is deemed as ‘the classics.’ Wearing the trends made me feel cool but wearing the classics make me feel sexy.

I am not a hundred percent certain if it’s the fault of the french, but a simple black knit turtleneck looks put together and looks completely sexy. I love it dressed with the black jeans and the black watch. Don’t we all want to be a little French anyways? Just give in. Cédez à vos désirs. Trouvez votre intérieure française. Embrassez votre beauté.


Neutral Tones. When it begins to snow, the minimalist in me freaks out because everything is covered in white. It’s so absolutely beautiful. When I began to discover who I was and the exploration of what my style was, I found that I love neutrals. Give me a white sweater. Give me a black blazer. Give me a brown boot. You can keep all of your color, I want to swim in those soft neutrals. If it were legal, I would totally marry them. Summer’s got the navy and blue and Spring has got it’s pastels and Autumn has the deep reds. While my love winter has the purest white. Bask in it, my darling.


The Cozy Knit Sweater. The one thing I cannot live without, a cozy cable knit sweater. I will spend all of my monies on cable knit sweaters. All of my monies. They are timeless, amazingly comfortable, and worth. every. penny. The heavy knit ones steal my heart every time. I have this unrealized dream of walking around in a knit blanket all day. When I put one of these on, I know that dreams do come true! You will find yourself unintentionally giving yourself amazing bear hugs throughout the day too because you’re that damn snuggly. This will also boost your self confidence of the day. Win-win, see. Nothing carols winter more than a thick heavy knit sweater.

Now, there’s laundry to be done, a dog to be walked, and a husband to be snuggled.

Merci mes amours.


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