The Be Happy

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The Be Happy

A few weeks ago, I wrote a very small post mentioning how I was feeling really blue. Depression has been something I’ve struggled with before and I have found it to creep up at any moment. If I’m not careful to see the signs or to prevent the triggers, it slowly and quietly walks in and then suddenly announces it’s going to stay for a few days, sometimes weeks. I suppose it doesn’t understand that it was never invited. Jerk. This is my follow up post with a few things I do to be happy in case you’ve ever been in the similar situation with this unwelcome houseguest.

This is my be happy sweater. It’s cozy, like being wrapped in a knit blanket. It keeps me warm in the freezing Seattle winter. It’s also my favorite color. When I don’t know what to wear or if I’m feeling sad, I grab this baby and I start to feel my spirits lift a little and my head seems to become a bit less foggy. Finding what sweater or piece of clothing has this effect has been so helpful when I’m feeling blue and need to climb out of the despair.

This is my be happy cigar. I have grown up with asthma so I don’t smoke very often because it seems to trigger it a bit. I began smoking pipes with some of the best friends I’ve ever had underneath the boulders on the hillside in the park or more often on top of their van late at night. A part of me believes smoking calms me down because it forces me to deeply inhale and then exhale. And then another part of me doesn’t quite understand it but I feel my whole body relaxes a bit. I usually didn’t even notice how tense my body was until I take a puff and let it go. Everyone has something that helps them melt away the tension. Taking a walk with my boys and smoking a small cigar helps me be happy, so I do it. It’s something that helps me find some small happiness and I don’t let myself feel guilty about it, but I own who I am and what I love: taking the time to slow down and enjoy a smoke.

This is my be happy place. It’s almost like with smoking, I don’t realize how sad I was until I get outside and take a deep breath of the crisp air. As it fills my lungs I feel the fog vanish and my eyes feel wide open. Having Henry has been challenging the busier we get and as transitions come up and schedules change. However, I’m forever grateful to have him because not only is he the sweetest and most joyful soul I’ve ever met, he forces me to step outside, take a walk, and breathe in the crisp air. We’ve found a small wooded clearing that we feel comfortable letting him off his leash so he can get his wiggles out a bit. I bet you didn’t notice him in the pictures above. Did you see his stick? I love that nothing is off limits for him. He sees a big stick that’s twice as long as he is and just grabs it and runs. I love watching him, he teaches me so much.


The Be Happy Outfit details: My sweater from abercromie & on sale nowMy only pair of jeans are these paige skyline skinnies. My scarf was from h&m one year and ended up being $5. This scarf from h&m is absolutely wonderful to daydream about or perhaps you’d like to splurge on a blanket scarf? then check out this pricey one from asos yet this one from h&m is hella cheap and cute too. My shoes were from forever 21 that I found at a thrift shop, however they had a huge strap around the ankles, so i just cut that off. These are very similar and are also very cheap.


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