The Autumn Hustle


Autumn seems to have vanished and winter is now upon us. I know everyone seems to get upset that we tend to welcome Christmas before Thanksgiving. I say that if we lived in California, this uproar would make sense. I can’t keep on pretending it’s Autumn when it’s now pouring down buckets, the sure sign of a Seattle winter. Winter’s just not winter without Christmas.

Each year we’ve always waited to put up the tree until after Thanksgiving. Handsome’s family has always upheld that tradition, and because I love him, we have too. This year however, he requested we decorate early. He felt that we missed Christmas last year, that it went by to quickly. I always feel that Christmas tends to come and go very quickly indeed. We are going to go tree hunting tomorrow and decorate the house. I am over. the. moon. excited.

We’ve planned some amazing things this year for Christmas. I plan on doing a whole post about how we are going to celebrate the season in Seattle. We planned everything Sunday night and I’ve been giddy with excitement ever since. Christmas is my favorite season because of all of the wonderful ways to celebrate it. There are fun events everywhere you turn, and with my love language being quality time, what is better than being together and doing something super Christmasy?! NOTHING, I TELL YOU, NOTHING!!

Outfit Deats: This is my last hurrah to Autumn, for all you cranky-pants-Scrooge-McDucks out there. It’s my Autumn hustle, if you will. I’ve yet to find a more perfect fall sweater than this one. I found it thrifting, but it’s Forever 21. Unfortunately it’s not available anymore. So now this post is absolutely useless. I apologize. Not many good fall sweaters are right now. Here is a really cute one from Urban Outfitters. It seems a bit bulky, but it would be perfect for those fall nights. Or here’s another cute one from UO. I like this one a bit more, and I love the zipper on it. Both are about a hundred, but they seem like good sweaters and Black Friday’s right around the corner. Here’s one with a similar color scheme and the southwestern print’s going on too. And it’s half the price as the other ones. NBD. However, I like this one from Abercrombie better. The colors are a bit more classic and it would be good for Autumn and summer with that classic blue.

Or save yourself some money and don’t buy any of them because winter is here and you should be buying turtlenecks or party dresses or presents for me.


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