The Twelve Dresses of Christmas

12dressesofchristmasthe first dress of christmas. this winter white one.

the second dress of christmas. this slip.anf_105652_01_model2

the third dress of christmas. the dress you can’t afford but you’ll probably buy anyways.36925568_010_e

the fourth dress of christmas. this one gives me all the feels.IMG_8239

the fifth dress of christmas. this space dye scuba.cn9909776

the sixth dress of christmas. one perfect to pair with a blazer41710_4

the seventh dress of christmas. the one that’s holly green.1582106_253554

the eighth dress of christmas. this dress.37520459_066_f

the ninth dress of christmas. the incredibly unique one.41126_6

the tenth dress of christmas. the ultimate christmas dress (made from santa’s old suit).image3xxl

the eleventh dress of christmas. the little black one.anf_104271_01_model2

the twelfth dress of christmas. this show stopper.41866_6

now, my true love, all that’s left is for you to give them all to me.

merry christmas.