The Pub


Happy December and Merry Christmas loves! This happy sweater is from Abercrombie, but alas, it has been sold out for about a month now, along with most of their most wonderful sweaters.

I wanted to look handsome for Brooks’ show in a pub the other night and I decided on this outfit. It was a little bit winter and a lot of cozy. I wanted to wear something I could cuddle up in while sitting in a chair. Something I could hug my knees to my chest with to sit back and watch my man do his thing. It was wonderful watching the one I love on stage. Absolutely breathtaking. It was pretty swell to to chill in a pub and get drinks for free, being with the band and all. Cheers to being a groupie!

To start off December, I made a gingerbread house yesterday. It was subtly fantastic and just what was needed to welcome the Christmas season. I have been so swept up with our upcoming move that it’s been a struggle to  balance the life we are living now and preparing for the future. It’s been a day by day kind of life.

Yesterday I finalized the list and the plans for our Christmas season (This list is coming to you tomorrow!). A huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders, knowing what to look forward to instead of anxiously trying to plan something festive that day. Hip hip hooray for being a first born with a touch of OCD and probably some control issues! Learning how to embrace that side of me, planning for the future but then enjoying where I am, not having to have such a control over everything that I am disappointed if my plans are thwarted, but can simply embrace where I am. And more importantly, embrace who I’m with.

Today, try with me to ignore your to do lists, what you need to have planned for next week, and what you should make for dinner. Take stock of who you’re with and be grateful for just that.


2 thoughts on “The Pub

  1. Emily. I mentioned the sweater is from Abercrombie and is sold out right now. But they are having a sale right now and there are some pretty sweet cable knit sweaters.

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