The Drama of Midnight : What to Wear on New Year’s Eve

The Drama of Midnight : What to Wear on New Year’s Eve


With each new year comes a new beginning. I scoured h&m for their five best midnight looks for your New Year’s Eve party so you can start off the new year right. All opinions are mine, I wish I was at least given these clothes but this post has no affiliation with h&m. These clothes are just really cute so I wanted to tell you. It’s also overwhelming sometimes coming up with the perfect party outfit, and time consuming too. Maybe you should be paying me for this. I’d like to be paid in Mike & Ike Zours and Oregon Chai Teas. The boxes from the grocery store, more value that way. Oh and if you can’t find Zours, try Walgreens, they are the only store that I can find those at. And some random gas stations on road trips. Now that I’ve sent you my bill, let’s begin.

Look Parisian in head-to-toe black. After all, you are a lady. Bring some class with a basic piece and then surprise them with some playfulness.  Add some texture, depth, and drama with glitter, velvet, and a little bit of lace. I believe in investing in clothes, and each of these pieces can be worn a thousand different time in a thousand different ways. And a lot of these aren’t season-restricted, so you can get a good use out of them all year long. Each piece is under a hundred too. I didn’t mention that before?

Now let’s enjoy one last night of this wonderful crazy year and kiss at midnight to many, many more.

The Blitzen

The Dasher

The Cupid

The Dancer

The Vixen

Happy New Year’s Love