Unicorn of the Sea

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You can expect me to be posting more consistently. I will post every Monday, so mark your calendars, set your alarms, send some smoke signals to your future self by use of time travel, please.

Does anyone actually read these? I assume I’m just writing to my parents. Hi Mom & Dad! Love you guys so much! Thanks for everything you’ve done and that you do. Also could I have the Nintendo 64 please?

The other day someone mentioned something and I did one of the narrow eye slants and said, “Hhhow do yo know that?” And he replied, “I read your blog.” What?! Someone read this? Oh shit. I’d like to first apologize to everyone because I didn’t know anyone was actually reading this. I think I would’ve tried harder.

Although it’s clear that’s not true because now I know that people read this and look at what I’m doing. Classic Katelyn.

I hope everyone’s holidays were as fantastical as the unicorn of the sea. We got to decorate our tree twice. That’s right. Jealous much. We moved five days before Christmas so instead of getting rid of our tree, we took off all of the decorations and one of our very wonderful and amazing friends, Skyler and Tracy, packed up our tree in their van and drove it to our new apartment. And then we continued with decorating the tree again. This whole decorating a tree twice thing should be a new tradition because it was really fun to have one of the best parts of Christmas twice.

Life has been full of transitions. We moved last month. I am transferring to a Starbucks closer to our new place next week. Brooks also is starting a new job. We like to do it all in one big bang rather than stretch out all the most stressful events throughout the year. One good month of deep hyperventilating and then it’s smooth sailing for those next 11.

It’s been interesting to plow through some stressful events. I’ve noticed how often I let my feelings and emotions lead me rather than the other way around. Why is it that in this, it’s totally acceptable to be the victim to our emotions? I believe that our emotions and feeling and thoughts are legitimate and acknowledge that they exist. But why do we give them any power at all? Can’t we say, “I feel this, but I don’t want to feel this, so I’m not going to let it make any decisions for me. I’m not going to let it lead me, my words, and my actions.”

I’ve been told by my father (Hi again Dad!) a gazillion bakillion quadroupillion times that “What you think determines how you feel and how you feel determines what you do.” So if I feel a certain way, it’s because of what I’m thinking. So if I don’t want to feel that way, I should choose a different thought, or even a different perspective of the same thought. Am I getting this right? Did I lose you back there with the whole decorating the tree twice thing?


This outfit had me feeling fabulous. I can’t tell you where to buy it all because it’s all pretty much thrifted or from last season. The whole point of me beginning to post outfits wasn’t to help you find the items but to give you some inspiration. To show everyone that hey, you probably have something similar to this in your closet! Instead of buying what I have, use what you have and create something kind of like what I have, or something even better! (And then take a picture and send it to me so that I can be inspired from your inspirational self).

I felt fabulous and thought I was fabulous so I felt doubly fabulous. I felt like I was the only unicorn in the sea, a fabulous one at that. I’m going to try to be more aware of my thoughts and feeling and test out these theories.

I think my biggest hurdle will be feeling pretty. I guess it’s because I don’t think I’m pretty. Unless I’ve tried something to be pretty. So with this, I will have to change how I’m thinking. Maybe trying to think of certain things about me that are pretty without any help from me. Like my freckles. Or my green eyes. I’ve always loved my hair too (Thanks for the great hair Mom & Dad!). So if I’m thinking I’m already pretty because of these things, maybe I’ll feel pretty too. Italics, man.

I get a tattoo this week!


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