Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Him

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Him

It’s that time of year, the time where men are expected to completely spoil us women. Because, we deserve it. But I think that those lover boys deserve some loving too. Here’s my collection of Valentine’s gifts that have been approved by a lovely smelling, sexy lumberjack who is also very particular and hard to shop for.

Click the pictures to follow the links down the rabbit hole. Just be careful not to fill your cart with things for you. Let’s try to be the women our lovers see us to be.

  1. Vinyl Me, Please 3 Month Subscription via Huckberry


2. The Seven Wonders pack of patches from Kimberlin Co. & maybe some dates or a hotel room in one of these places for the two of you darling explorers.


3. Humans of New York: Stories by Brandon Stanton on


4. A tee with their favorite band’s logo on it. Not only will they be stoked but they will feel so loved knowing that you got something so personal to them.


5. A small thing of his favorite cologne. Or in this case, a new cologne. One that you’ve found by stopping a stranger that smelled liked what Christmas morning feels like and asking what his cologne was. It was this one. And Amazon sells it for half of what Macy’s charges.



6. A year subscription to a magazine he would enjoy. Have no idea what that would be? Then just get him a super manly one, he’ll enjoy the compliment.


7// If he has a beard, beard oil is a game changer. It’s a small sweet gift that will go a long way for you & how yummy his beard will smell and for him and how soft & manageable his beard will become. Two birds people, two birds.


8. A sweet, pretty Valentine’s card with something sweet, honest, heartfelt, and a little dirty inside. I have a book of love notes from my baby from the last seven years. Things are just things but for someone to take the time to let me know how they feel, and to put it down and be vulnerable to share that, it makes you feel all warm inside.



Happy Valentine’s Day week lovers and friends.