Capsule Wardrobe


capsule wardrobe. It doesn’t exist. Not for this lady. I enjoy a list way too much and if I indulge in a list of what I need to have in my closet, it will be jumping right back on the carousal, buying clothes because someone told me to. Clothes I won’t actually wear. Clothes that are beautiful and wonderful and just not me.

However, I do have clothes. And I’ve put together a list of the clothes I’ve kept since cleaning out my closet. This list doesn’t include my gym clothes, coats & jackets, five summer tops and four shorts I have hidden away. Or my pajamas. So if I had a capsule wardrobe this is it:


My Closet

8 knit sweaters: grey, red, black, five white
3 light sweaters: speckled plum, beige, a blue wrap
3 cardigans: grey, green, white
5 oxfords: denim, mint, chambray, two white
7 tops: beige, black, two grey, three white
3 jeans: skinnies, straight cuffed ankle, black cigarette
3 black fancy pants, skinnies, wide legged, high-waisted
3 skirts:midi-tulle, black pencil, llama pencil
5 dresses: magenta, floral, two white, one black romper.

I‘ve found I’ve been really content with what I have. I consolidate my clothes on my hangers because we share a full closet for everything. I see it as an opportunity to make outfits and it makes getting dressed in hurry a hell of a lot easier. This morning for instance I was able to pick out a hanger that had the top part of an outfit complete. I added some black leggings and I was dressed in less than five minutes. This is a helpful trick even if it’s only space. Or for those days where sleeping in sounded like a good idea at the time.

I find myself dreading summer. Who am I? I used to live for summer. I’ve been so excited grabbing sweaters and throwing on jeans that the thought of bright colors and bare egs gives me a bit of anxiety. My closet is full of knits I want to grab and throw on to feel cozy. With summer comes layers and much more thought and intention. Cozy is no longer an option. I have a feeling I may buy a pair of linen shorts and some light summer tops. What will probably happen is I’ll just buy all the cozy sweaters that are on sale come June, hide away on a mountaintop, cozy up by a fireplace and drink hot apple cider until October comes around again.


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