The Best Is Yet To Come


This past year has been really fun. I’ve always wanted to have a fashion blog and it was a very interesting experience. It’s helped me to have a place where I can empty my thoughts. It has been interesting researching all the advice people give you with having a blog. They are all set on helping you gain traction and views and followers. It’s all about being seen. But no one really talks about the act of blogging and how to keep your head up and not let the waves of discouragement or jealousy wash over you.


I have learnt a lot through this experience and I don’t think it’s for me. Showing you my outfits that I’ve put together doesn’t seem to have a point to it. I was hoping to help inspire people, making it easier for them to get dressed with what they have and to avoid the feeling that you have to go and buy whatever it is that I’m wearing. It still seemed a bit pointless considering we have a million different avenues of inspiration to pull from. What made mine so different than anyone else’s? Perhaps my ramblings. Case and point.


I’ve taken some time to build up to this, working out my thoughts with you here and here and here, trying to understand where this is going and what that means to me. I love blogging. I actually love writing. I love getting to say all the things in my head. I love not being interrupted. That’s pretty fucking fantastic. It just hasn’t seemed like it’s enough, like it means anything.


When we moved into our small studio, I researched a lot about living in a 375 square foot home. I found a few tours on Apartment Therapy that were pretty, but were difficult to apply to our situation. I wanted to know what to do, what to expect, how to be happy and how to stay sane. I hope to provide some encouragement here for those of you who are on this incomparable and awful and wouldn’t-trade-it-for-the-world journey of living in a tiny dwelling. Stay tuned every Monday for a chapter of our journey of transiting into and living in an itty bitty apartment in the middle of the city. There will be guest posts from some pretty fantastic people, one of which is my bread and butter, my handsome husband, another being the light of my life, my sister, who is quick and witty and encouraging. I’m excited to have you along so grab some popcorn and a blanket and get cozy.

love : kate