Bedroom Inspiration

And so begins the adventure of a new home with a new style and a new feeling. We sold our beautiful bed frame because it wouldn’t fit in our quaint tiny bedroom. We are literally starting with nothing. We possess a mattress (currently on the floor) and a wooden stump (planning to use as a nightstand). Here are all of the delightful inspirations for our minimal bedroom. Click on any of the thumbnails for a closer look into each room. For our bedroom, there will be lots of white. If I had it my way, white walls as well but the landlord won’t allow us to paint. We will have to settle for the beautiful, white, natural light instead. We kept our white linen duvet cover and our set of white linen pillow cases from Potterybarn. The goal is to have as little in the bedroom as possible, to avoid claustrophobia and a feeling of cluttered-ness. Considering a lamp and I’m in love with the idea of artwork like in the first picture below. Only time will curate the perfect bedroom so I’ll try not to rush the process.