Tiny Bedroom Tips

My biggest concern with living in a tiny apartment was our bedroom. It was very important to me to fell like there was enough space to enjoy all the things that go on in there. This is where we will spend most of our life apart from working and I wanted it to have the potential to be relaxing and a bit airy. When I saw the large windows and the tall ceilings I was sold. The fact that the bedroom had a door was a huge perk as well. The hardwood floors also made it feel cleaner and larger than it would have if there was carpet.

My plan with our new bedroom was to have as little furniture as was necessary, close off the closet from the rest of the room, and keep the windows as the focus of the room. Here are a few tips to help you with making your tiny love nest feel a little larger.



Create more negative space by lifting your bed off the ground. We started with our mattress on the floor. A few months later we found a beautiful, simple bed frame to lift it off the ground. Having this space not only provided us with more storage but it made the whole room feel bigger. By lifting everything off of the floor and making the floor visible, it created more negative space where it mattered.


Be intentional with all of the colors. I’ve heard it’s best to stick to light colors on the walls, ceilings, and floors. I naturally love white so we have all white linens with a million white pillows. Only seven, really, but having all those pillows brings me a sense of coziness, even though it’s all white. We planned on originally painting the walls white as well but the landlord gave us an absurd agreement if we did and we decided it was worth the investment of money and time for this rental. The next place we call home will hopefully be ours for a few years, making it a bit wiser to invest.


The less furniture you have in a room, the bigger it feels. This was huge to me because our bedroom is such a tiny matchbox. We have our bed and a nightstand. We tried putting the record player or the guitar in the corner and it immediately felt smaller so we put the guitar in the closet and the record player in the living room. This was definitely a huge process to purge our furniture to get to the point of only having two pieces. It was hard at some points and it took me forever to decide what to do with all our books. As a result, the bedroom not only looks bigger but feels bigger too.



Keep your windows uncovered to create a more open and bright feel. This was hard for me because I love the airy, gauzy curtains bringing in the beautiful soft light in the afternoons. In exchange with get some amazing bright light at the same time of day and a feeling of airiness and openness. It’s worth it for the extra feeling of space it provides.


Things are small and space is tight. Every little thing in a room matters now. Be intentional with what you show and what you keep. Think of how something makes you feel when you look at it. Know that if you’re living in a tiny place, it’s usually not going to be forever. It’s ok to pack away a few of your treasures, knowing it’s going to bring you a feeling of more space and less clutter in your home. Another good idea is to switch out your knick knacks, accents, and treasures every six months or so. If you dust off those hidden treasures and realize that life was better without them, give them away so someone else can enjoy them. We had a lot of easy purging and then a lot of soul-searching purging but I don’t regret letting go of anything. Life feels a bit more manageable and simpler with less things cluttering my home, life, and heart.

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